Thursday, November 9, 2017

Check Out My Plastic Writing It Will Give Some Cool Ideas...

Wednesday 18 October
WALT: Use the correct structure in a persuasive text.   
  Ellipsis, Question marks
Should We Have Plastic Bags In Supermarkets?

In my opinion both of plastic bags and paper bags  are a disgraceful waste because it's a waste of money and of course you think that plastic bags are wonderful. Already Countdown and New World is already charging for plastic bags.

Firstly, the Animals can get killed easily because they think that plastic bags are food like jellyfish but they're not and the plastic bags can strangle animals to death. We need to keep our country's plastic bag free. What do you guys think about plastic bags?

Secondly, the Plastic can pollute the ocean and when people want to go and get some  fresh water from the ocean,  kinda can’t because the ocean is filled with all sorts of thing. That’s why we need to stop this. Do you think  we should take away plastic bags? Well, I think we should...

Thirdly, Burning plastic is bad for the ozone layer. It can also cause cancer and raise water level. It can harm birds by the birds eating plastic bags, also because every single day sea creatures die because they eat plastic bags

Lastly, Imagine you eat a plastic bag how would you feel? Well first you would not be able to breathe, the plastic bag will get stuck in your lungs and you can’t get it out then you will die.

The End!

In the beginning of term 4  in Te Ngahere we did some persuasive writing about should we have plastic bags in supermarkets. Our WALT: was use the correct persuasive structure in our writing. The things that I think I done well was using the correct structure in persuasive, Ellipsis, Question marks. The things that I needed to work on was trying to make my writing make sense.

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