Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Check Out My Four Shot Movie Plan...

For a week or so In Te Ngahere we have been doing four shot movie. We were in groups my group was Ngahuia, Sharnee, Cilla and I. (WALT: Understand the vocabulary of filmmaking). Our for shot movie is about Kapa Haka.


  1. Wow Cheyenne you are doing so good this year. I love how you have set out your Kapa Haka google drawing it adds a lot of cool detail.I hope I see more of you good work.
    Keep up the good work Cheyenne.

  2. Hi Cheyenne,
    You will have to show me your Kapa Haka movie, it sounds awesome! Did you have fun making and editing your movie? Where did you shoot your movie? My groups movie was based at the computer room and the middle playground.