Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Remember...

Tuesday 7th February
I Remember...
Jumping on a rocking boat.
Being attached to a tight rope of elastic.
It took off in the air like a flying albatross.
Gazing above the air looking at the shiny glossy sea.
The hot sticky sweat sticking on my hot clothes.
Pulled down from a long strip of string.
Dragged down in the freezing ice cold water from a thick string of rope.
lifted back up and pulled back down on the rocking  boat.
That was summer

I was Learning to notice but use the structure used in the exemplar in my piece of  writing. I write about my summer writing.
After writing something that was is happening
You should put descriptive.


  1. Hey Cheyenne, good to see your first blog post this year. Summer sounded like plenty of fun. I liked how you had thought about the way you were writing. I look forward to seeing more of your posts this year.

  2. Hi Chris, how are you doing. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Sorry for replying late. Yes my summer was fun with my cousins.